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Marketing Tutorials

tutorial4marketing offers various marketing subject-specific tutorials using virtual classroom instructor-led training (VILT)

Popular marketing tutorials offered are;

a) Empowering through Marketing Management

b) Strategic Marketing

c) Brand & Positioning

d) Consumer Behaviour


Marketing Management

 ''Empowerment Through Marketing Management'' is a flag-ship program imparting learnings of marketing management during 6-weeks. Click 'Read More'. 

Strategic Marketing

 Focussed on providing learning about various marketing strategies w.r.t 4Ps of marketing, portfolio strategies, and other strategies. Click 'Read More'. 

Brand & Positioning

 Focussed on providing a complete understanding of brand, branding, and positioning specific strategies to enable strengthening the brand. Click 'Read More'.  

Consumer Behaviour

 Focussed on providing understanding about consumer buyer behaviour and enable its inclusion in ongoing marketing management. Click 'Read More'.

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