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Our Services

At tutorials4marketing, you get different services to grow your business using the science and the art of 'Marketing Management'.

We offer services to impart learning of different marketing subjects (Refer Tutorials tag), workshop, marketing consultancy, digital direct response marketing implementation consultancy, marketing plan development support, and more.   

Kindly refer following section to get the services you desire to utilize for yourself. 

Our Service Basket

Online Tutorials

1) Marketing Management

2) Strategic Marketing

3) Branding & Positioning

4) Consumer Buyer Behaviour

We can conduct above tutorials as classroom sessions also. 


1) Pathways for Strategic Management

2) Marketing Plan Development workshop

3) Customer Persona Development

Essentially, workshops are classroom based. 


1) Marketing Management

2) Digital Direct Response Marketing

Besides above specialization, we can render the consultancy on other areas of marketing management.

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