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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Team tutorials4marketing has provided you an anwers to most frequently asked questions. Kindly refer them and get your queries resolved. 

If you have any other question, kindly email your queries to We will soon reply back to you. 

  • What is your main service?
    tutorials4markeitng is developed to provide learning about various subjects under MARKETING DOMAIN, which is fundamental in growing your business. We serve all those who may not have access to get any formal degree or certification from reputed management institutes but believe that knowledge of marketing management is essential to growing the business in this competitive global marketplace. We offer courses as well as workshops to deliver the knowledge. Courses are online courses, while workshops can be conducted online as well as at your organization. Other than this, we render support to develop various marketing content needed by your organization.
  • Are your courses and workshops organized for a specific organization?
    NO. Our courses are open to all individuals desiring to learn the specific subject of marketing. As a result, individuals from different organizations and different industries attend these online sessions. Our online workshops are also open to all individuals desiring to have in-depth learning about the specific subject. tutorials4marketing can now also deliver specific courses or a workshop at the office of interested organizations.
  • How can we get a better understanding about the course/workshop?
    tutorials4marketing believes that interested persons should get a complete idea about the course before booking. We, therefore, encourage everyone to 'Book their course review with the coach'. When a course review is sought, our team will fix a mutually convenient date and time slot and arrange your conversation with our main coach. He will not only give you a program coverage overview but he will also answer your specific questions if any.
  • How to book your courses or workshops?
    It is very simple. You have two options available - 1) You can book online and make online payment 2) You can write to team tutorials4marketing at In both cases, our team member will get in touch with you and formalize the order and schedule with you.
  • Who can attend and benefit by attending your courses/workshops?
    Courses are designed keeping in mind Marketing Management subject-specific learning needs of the following profiles; 1) MSME - Leadership team/next-gen in business 2) Start-Ups - Leadership team/marketing team member 3) Family-run enterprise - Next-gen in business 4) Proprietary enterprise - Leadership team/next-gen in business 5) Mid-level professionals - sales, marketing and business development 6) Advertising professionals 7) Marketing communication professionals 8) MICE/Event industry professionals 9) NGO leadership team/marketing team member 10) Students
  • What are the payment options available?
    A wide array of payment options are available. Online booking can use the option of 'PayPal' payment gateway. Offline booking, one can use all available modes of payment - bank transfer, UPI, credit card etc.
  • Do we get the full refund if course/workshop booking is cancelled?
    We have a very transparent refund policy as follows; 1) We will first provide you with an offer to select another scheduled program w/o seeking the cancellation. This offer will be available for any scheduled date within the following 3 months, post your cancellation advice. 2) If you do not wish to avail of the alternative program date, we will refund you the amount subject to the following conditions; 2a. Booking cancelled before 30 days (excluding the date of the program starting date) - 90% full refund within 30 days post receiving cancellation advice. Booking cancelled before 15 days (excluding the date of the program starting date) - 85% full refund within 30 days post receiving cancellation advice. 2b. Booking cancelled before 07 days (excluding the date of the program starting date) - 80% full refund within 30 days post receiving cancellation advice. 2c. Booking cancelled at short notice, having less than 07 days (excluding the date of the program starting date) - 70% full refund within 30 days post receiving cancellation advice. 3. Refunds will be arranged only through bank transfer. You must arrange to provide your bank account details for enabling us to transfer the amount.
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