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At tutorials4marketing, we are dedicated to helping individuals learn the fundamentals of marketing management and how to use them to grow their businesses. Our online live sessions based marketing management training programs are designed to provide users with an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to mastering the marketing skills and techniques necessary to be successful in the business world. Online marketing programs are conducted during out-of-office hours and therfore suitable for everyone. 



tutorials4marketing concept is designed to provide a requisite

understanding of different marketing subjects to those who couldn't avail the learning through any diploma or degree courses, and yet they need it the most to grow their business. This includes leadership team from MSME, start-ups, family-run enterprise, proprietory enterprises.  

Junior and middle-level professionals from marketing, sales, and business development functions, as well as professionals from advertising, event management, brand management agencies and NGOs too, can gain from such tutorials. 

Popular Marketing Tutorials

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"Empowerment Through Marketing Management' is a flag-ship program imparting learnings of marketing management during 6-weeks. Click 'Read More' 

Focussed on providing learning about various marketing strategies w.r.t 4Ps of marketing, portfolio strategies, and other strategies. Click 'Read More'. 

Glass Buildings
Grocery Shopping

Focussed on providing a complete understanding of brand, branding, and positioning specific strategies to enable strengthening the brand. Click 'Read More'.  

Focussed on providing understanding about consumer buyer behaviour and enable its inclusion in ongoing marketing management. Click 'Read More'.

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